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Tooth Extractions in Central Arkansas

Our Experienced Dentists Perform Affordable Tooth Extraction in Central Arkansas

If you have been told that you need a dental extraction but are too nervous to see the dentist, we can help. Our dentists have the experience and expertise required to perform simple dental extractions quickly and with a minimum of discomfort. If you are living with dental pain, call today to schedule an appointment to find out if a dental extraction is the right treatment for your issue.

What Are the Differences Between Simple and Surgical Teeth Extractions?

A simple extraction involves using forceps to remove a tooth that is easily accessible and fully erupted through the gumline. A surgical extraction is used when the tooth is impacted below the gum or cannot be reached using forceps.

How Do I Know Which Type of Tooth Extraction I Need?

Our dentists can perform an exam to determine if a simple extraction is feasible. If not, we will refer you to a qualified oral surgeon for a surgical extraction. A surgical extraction is most often required with impacted wisdom teeth.

Is Tooth Removal the Only Option for a Diseased or Damaged Tooth?

Dentists can use a variety of techniques, such as fillings, root canals, and crowns, to restore damaged or decayed teeth. Restoration is preferable to extraction from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.

Should I Have My Decayed or Damaged Tooth Pulled?

Extraction is used as a last resort when a tooth is too diseased or damaged to restore or when the affected tooth is causing excruciating pain. If the decay or damage extends beyond the middle of the tooth, extraction is typically the best option for stopping the pain and protecting the health of the remaining teeth. After assessing the condition of your teeth, our dentist will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

When Is It Appropriate to Have a Baby Tooth Pulled?

Our dentist may recommend that your child have a primary tooth removed if it is preventing a permanent tooth from erupting through the gums or if the tooth is severely decayed or infected. Rest assured that our dentists and staff have the gentle touch needed to put you and your child at ease throughout the process. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Is Tooth Extraction Recommended for Patients With Periodontal Disease?

When diagnosed early, mild to moderate gum disease can normally be treated with deep cleanings, surgery, and bone and tissue grafts. In advanced stages, however, the bacteria under the gumline can attack the ligaments that support the teeth and cause painful infections. When this occurs, extraction is often the most effective way to alleviate the discomfort and protect the remaining teeth.

Do You Offer Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Central Arkansas?

The third set of molars that we get during our late teens or early adult years are referred to as wisdom teeth. Most people lack the jaw space necessary to accommodate these teeth, which means that they can become trapped under the gumline or erupt at an angle that crowds or damages the surrounding teeth. If this occurs, an extraction is recommended to prevent complications, such as pain or infection. Our dentists are able to remove wisdom teeth when there is enough of the tooth visible to grasp with forceps. If the tooth is impacted, we will most likely refer you to an oral surgeon.

Can Tooth Extraction Help With Overcrowding?

Tooth overcrowding can lead to orthodontic issues and increase the risk for tooth decay and gum disease. It is common for a dentist to recommend having one or more teeth removed in preparation for orthodontic treatment. This makes it possible for the teeth to move into the proper position during treatment.

How Much Will My Tooth Extraction Cost?

The cost of dental extractions varies from patient to patient based on the type of extraction required, the location of the tooth, and other factors. We will provide you with an outline of your cost following your consultation. If you have dental insurance, there is a good chance that a substantial portion of your cost will be covered.

What Can I Expect After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

During the first 24 hours following your extraction, you will need to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your dentist to minimize discomfort and swelling and prevent complications, such as dry socket and infection.

What Is the Tooth Extraction Healing Process Like?

Most patients are able to return to moderate activity within 24 hours following their extraction. Your dentist will let you know when it is appropriate to resume more strenuous activities. Simple extractions normally heal in about a week. The process is slightly longer for molar and surgical extractions.

If you are looking for a trusted dentist to perform a dental extraction, call us today at to schedule an appointment.

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