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Sedation Dentistry in Central Arkansas

Dental visits can be stressful for even the calmest person, and consequently, many people neglect their teeth due to anxiety about the dentist’s chair or their inclination to gag. Fortunately, oral sedation dentistry can alleviate their stress and provide a relaxing method for maintaining good oral hygiene. If you have an aversion to the dentist’s chair, then call our Central Arkansas office to schedule a consultation for sedation dentistry. You’ll have your choice of several methods for sedation dentistry in Central Arkansas, so call us today.

What’s Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation for dental treatment uses various medications to promote relaxation and alleviate dental anxiety during a dental treatment. Even though it’s sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, you’re not asleep unless you’re under general anesthesia. We use sleep dentistry for many different types of procedures, including dental cleanings or more invasive procedures. If you want more information on this very popular option for dental treatments, call us today.

What Can I Expect for a Sedation Dentistry Cost?

As with all dental procedures, the cost of sedation for dental treatments will be unique to the patient. Factors that will influence the cost of your dental sedation procedure in Central Arkansas include the type of sedation you choose, the procedure you’re receiving, any additional work that you need, and your insurance benefits.

During your initial consultation at our Central Arkansas office, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the work that you need and the sedation dentistry cost breakdown. Be sure to bring your insurance information with you and we’ll work with you to maximize the benefits that you receive from your sedation dentistry insurance. If you lack dental insurance, we have financing plans available that will help you afford the dental care you need. We don’t want you to forego needed dentistry because of financial constraints, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

What’s the Advantage of Dental Sedation?

The main advantage of using sleep dentistry is that you’ll maintain better oral hygiene. Even if you’re terrified of the dentist’s chair, oral sedation dentistry can make you relaxed and comfortable, so you can have healthy nerves as well as a healthy mouth. Many of our patients request sleep dentistry, so call us today and let’s get you back to good oral health.

What Types of Dental Sedation Are Available?

There are several types of dental sedation, but four of the most popular are:

Inhaled minimal sedation
This procedure uses a mask that lets you inhale nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, to help you relax. Your dentist will control the amount of gas you receive, so it’s very safe.

Oral conscious sedation
This is the procedure we most frequently use and it involves taking a pill. Halcion is one of our most popular, and it makes you drowsy, but you’re still awake. Some patients become very groggy and fall asleep, but many remain awake.

IV sedation dentistry
IV sedation dentistry is an IV inserted into a vein. IV sedation dentistry is the quickest method for sedating the patient, and the dentist can adjust the amount of sedative throughout the procedure.

Deep sedation dentistry
In this procedure, you’ll receive medication that will make you fall asleep. You won’t awaken until the anesthesia wears off or a medication is administered that will reverse its effects.

If you have any questions or concerns, call our Central Arkansas office and we’ll be glad to answer them and help you decide which form of sedation dentistry will work best for your needs.

What Are the Dental Sedation Benefits?

The primary advantage of dental sedation is that you’ll be able to maintain good oral hygiene without becoming stressed over the dentist’s chair. The procedure will be free of pain and if you’re prone to gag, you won’t have to stress about that, either. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our Central Arkansas office and we’ll be glad to help you.

Is Sedation Dentistry Covered By Most Insurance Plans?

Many insurance plans cover sedation dentistry that’s considered medically necessary. However, the best source for information is your insurance provider. If you’re apprehensive about speaking to your provider, bring your information with you and we can help you determine the extent of your coverage.

How Long Will Dental Sedation Last?

The time it takes for your sedation to wear off will depend on your unique physiological response to the medication, and the type and amount of medication you received. Inhaled sedation dissipates the most rapidly, and some patients feel they could drive home after their procedure but IV sedation or general anesthesia can last for hours after the procedure. Your dentist will discuss your options during your initial appointment.

Don’t procrastinate on obtaining the dental work that you need because of your dental anxiety about the procedure. Dental sedation can provide you with a stress-free dental experience and a healthy mouth, so call Arkansas Maxillofacial Surgery Center today at and let us help you regain your good oral health. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you.

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